Playa Es Pouet
The beach is Pouet are very close to the town center, one kilometer from the city core. A small cove that is part of the bay of Sant Antoni. Being inside the bay, you can access it through the road that runs parallel to the sea, by car, motorbike or bicycle, walking and even through the regular urban bus line. The beach is just over one hundred meters long and twenty wide, with natural sand. It has an almost imperceptible slope, which may reach fifty meters out without the water comes to cover us.
The cove is heavily guarded both the wind and the waves, only being significant on days of moderate or strong wind. It has magnificent views of the rest of the bay.
The sides of the beach have a fairly broad walk. If we take the running to the right of the beach, we can see the bay of Sant Antoni.

Sant Antoni
Line 2 - Sant Antoni-Port des Torrent
Line 6 - Sant Antoni-Port des Torrent




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