Playa S'Arenal
Surprising is the stretch of beach for the width of the bay in which are housed, with some seven hundred feet long that have been eating land from the sea, up to thirty feet wide in many places. In full integration with the environment are all beach accessories, made of wood, and attached to the grass growing in some sections, gives a country between the sea and its section area than twenty meters.

This beach consists of fine sand from the bay. Being calm waters and an area especially near the port over the seabed is a very gentle slope, where you can feel almost walk on water to sea a hundred meters inside.

The highlight of this beach is also the large number of pubs located along the beach, facing the English public, where you can sample the cuisine English.

Having close to the marina will also be able to find enough water attractions such as sailing and diving schools. If you have to put some downside to this beach is that it shows the presence of the port too, limiting the water quality.

Sant Antoni
Line 2 - Sant Antoni-Port des Torrent
Line 4 - Sant Antoni-Platges de Comte
Line 6 - Sant Antoni-Port des Torrent
Line 7 - Sant Antoni-Cala Bassa
Line 9 - Sant Antoni-Sant Josep-Airport




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