Niu Blau
Upon arrival find access via stairs and a ramp attached. This entry crosses the restaurant only find on the site. This is a water inlet through a shallow area is a refuge for small boats under sail and motor. This access is caused by a soft seabed very high, that lets us see as emerging small sections of rock for about twenty meters from the coast left side, putting the work of a natural dam.
To the right, the beach stretches a hundred meters long and forty feet wide.
It is very unique landscape, with large groves of pines, which in some parts mixed with beach umbrellas and hammocks. The terrain goes from being formed by a landscape of sand mercy thick and matted appearance, resulting from the mixture of sand and seaweed. At the other extreme we see an access from a residential area adjacent to the beach, followed by a stretch of rock low profile, where you can see Santa Eulalia in the background.
The fund has very little slope, with over a hundred feet of shallow water. The wind brings a security point of this beach, lazy and generally blowing from the sea.
It is a beach with difficult access for children and with few services, but is highly recommended for those seeking peace and tranquility and enjoy a comfortable bathroom.

Santa Eulalia

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