Cala Molí
The cove is very small and surrounded by vegetation, which makes it a little difficult to access. The beach is about 65 meters long and thirty wide. The sand is quite gruesay rocky, mainly due to the low wave action.
The seabed is sandy in some areas, with pebbles, while in other areas dominated by rocks and vegetation, presentadose a perfect habitat for the enjoyment of diving.
The slope of the seabed is soft and can reach thirty feet without problems so that water does not cover.
The cove is well protected, so that the winds do not usually have a special relevance if it is true that when they blow, they do it out to sea.
It has the basic services of the beaches of Ibiza.
This this is offset by beautiful views of the island of S'Espartar.

San Josep
No Buses arrives to this Beach




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