Playas Comte
Actually it is a small beaches conujunto are distributed by a low coast coast with very fine sand, separated by a small rocky another. It has about half a mile long and quite variable in width from fifteen to thirty meters. There is even an area of artificial platforms in a tiny cove where you can access a highly protected natural pool in the days of surf.
The fund alternating shallow sandy areas with rocky areas where we can surprise us with some considerable proportions to silvia diving. The slope is very gentle on the sandy areas, featuring plains over fifty meters in which to bathe without fear of depth.
The wind is usually weak, but can sometimes get to blow quite variable intensity and direction.
The view of a set of islands and crystal clear waters make it one of the favorite beaches by the inhabitants of Sant Antoni, who often frequented a lot.

San Josep
Line 4 - Sant Antoni-Platges de Comte




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