Port d'es Torrent
The sand is quite thick and the landscape of scrub and pine trees along the creek are a typical Mediterranean look. The seabed is sandy at first, growing in rocky areas as we move into the sea, where we find a gentle slope, with more than fifty meters available for safe bathing.
The equipment of the beach can enjoy a full range of leisure and sports, highlighting the underwater landscape for snorkeling. In this area I have made many dives, and you can see octopus, red mullet and several native species. This is a beach without a doubt quite cozy where we can enjoy the tranquility and admire the landscape not only in the evening, but during the day, approaching end.

San Josep
Line 2 - Sant Antoni-Port d'es Torrent
Line 6 -
Sant Antoni-Port d'es Torrent
Line 9 -
Sant Antoni-Port d'es Torrent-Airport




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