Playa del puerto de San Miquel





Playa del Puerto de San Miguel
Once at the beach first thing we see is a rugged coastline, with numerous protrusions. The port is immersed in a closed and protected cove. In this area we can see some docks and boarding area where we can enjoy a spectacular tour of the harbor shore. Then find the bathroom area, fully enclosed with a post.
Be careful with the slope at the time of bathing, it is quite pronounced, and we keep a few meters of clear water buoyancy, almost idyllic.
On the left side of the harbor swimming is prohibited, as this area is used pra entry and exit of boat recreation of all kinds.
And in the Port of San Miguel nature and fun are not incompatible. The vast amount of water attractions join activities such as volleyball or diving.
It is one of the great beaches for excellence, ideal for all types of activity. To visit a couple, staff spend a day in family or just taking a walk in the splendid harbor of San Miguel in the afternoon.

San Joan
Line 22 - Sant Antoni-Port de Sant Miquel
Line 37 - Port de Sant Miquel-EsCanar




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