Cala Moltons
It is a small cove, about thirty meters from steep areas, ending in a small beach about twenty yards wide and only a meter or two of sand. Find a couple of stalls where some local stores dock his boat, with the typical guidelines that reach the sea and allow embark and disembark. Behind these houses to find a small plain pine trees that give shelter.
The shore is covered with rocks, presenting the same appearance to the interior where the slope is gentle to the end of the cove. recommended special shoes to go with the bathroom.
In Cala Moltons not find any type of service, so the creek is open to visitors wishing to see nature in its purest form, in which only some curious who come to investigate interrupt the quiet cove. In the background you can see the cliffs of Port San Miguel, where there is a viewpoint you can see the creek itself.

San Joan
No buses arrives to this beach




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