Cala San Vicent
The beach is composed of natural sand which receives inputs from marine sand banks in the area. These seafloor rocks can be found at shallow depth, with plenty of underwater vegetation that harbor all kinds of marine species, making it palatable enough for snorkeling. In addition, the slope of the seabed is not very sharp, and can reach three feet deep to about twenty feet away, moving to two meters from the thirties.
One of the advantages of Cala San Vicente is your protection against strong winds due to its topography, with mountains to protect them. The wind is blowing offshore almost always grounded, making it ideal for swimming.
The spectacular landscape seems to us as if we were looking at a lake with clear water from a mountain pine.
The bay is equipped with all amenities on the beach, which is signposted. Also interesting is the cuisine and the existence of shops where you find you need to spend our vacation. If we have chosen this area for a holiday can stay in a hotel or apartment in the bay itself.

San Joan
Line 2 - Santa Eulalia-Sant Carles-Es Figueral-Sant Vicent




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