Playa de s'illot des Rencli
The beach area is quite small, with about thirty meters long by ten wide, with the remainder of the creek steep configuration, except for the areas occupied by fishing docks, a concrete floor and guides for launch their boats into the sea. These buildings are typical on the island, especially in the protected coves of Scope of the sea. This protection against surge has given the appearance of the sand, which does not suffer from excessive erosion, so it has the appearance of coarse sand, dotted with rocky areas.
This configuration is maintained as we move into the water and can also find a lot of vegetation clinging to the rocks, and therefore fairly marine life, so we can enjoy diving a bit. In addition, the depth offers a fairly smooth slope, finding a hundred feet without water finished covering.
The wind that usually appears is not very strong, but you should always be careful in that area.
The beach has basic services to spend a quiet day in an idyllic landscape, highly recommended for couples seeking tranquility.

San Joan
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