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The Barcelona designer is key to understanding the evolution of fashion in menswear over the 80. With stores all over the world, this high-end designer market is leading the UK and Japan, which has become a must.

Their clothing designs for men and women represent one of the leading brands in major shopping centers in London, Paris and Tokyo as Harrods or LaFayette.

Obsessed with minimalism and purest lines, we know who knows the most refined style that brings the women and men today.

A classic to keep track of which she now supplements its collections with the best design for furniture and home fashion.

But also other products in that Antony ventures are fashion accessories. The bags for example, are a supplement that men are using in these last few seasons and brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and this by Antonio MirĂ³ have realized that most men prefer the bags and it has become a supplement and all day.

Let us look at what each one of the areas of creation to which the Spanish brand is dedicated Antonio MirĂ³.