Ca N'Escandell

3 km from Sant Joan de Labritja

Tel.- 971 333540
Tel.- 971 333365
Fax.- 971 333052
Mov.- 619 419193
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The purest essence of rural Ibiza. In a secret forest where ancient stone walls cut through the red earth. A fertile humidity that hovers Eleonora's falcon. The true identity of a crop farm of more than two hundred years. Ibiza is the traditional architecture that blends with the cliffs and wide open spaces of Es Amunts.
In the north of an island where they hide the last genets and stone martens. An unexplored treasure in the western Mediterranean with unspoilt coves. Among olive trees, bushes and almond trees, listening to the linnet and the blackbird in the morning, watching the night flight of the owl. Always alone. You deserve it.



Pacha Hotel is one of the most modern, cozy and chic in the city of Ibiza.
Just 2 minutes from the mythical Pacha nightclub, offering accommodations rich in Glamour, luxury and exoticism.

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