Bikram Yoga - Ibiza

Carrer Diputat Josep Ribas, 13
07800 Eivissa

Tel. +34 609 196 71

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The Bikram Yoga craze shows no signs of slowing down around the world, so it’s no surprise that it’s popular on the party island too. If you’re not familiar with Bikram, let us enlighten you before you head to your first class!

Practiced in a hot room – and no we don’t mean warm, we mean HOT, as in over 40 degrees – Bikram yoga follows a series of different poses, rather than the free flowing sequences favoured by other schools of yoga, plus specific breathing exercises. The benefits of the warm room helps speed up weight loss, has proven ant-ageing benefits, increases oxygen flow to the brain, activates circulation, increases flexibility, helps prevents injuries and most importantly, allows you to stretch deeper and further into the postures, much faster than you would without the heat.

After a class, it definitely feels like more of a workout than a relaxing class and you’ll definitely need to pack your shower gear as you will truly be dripping with sweat by the end – as unappealing as this sounds, once you’ve experienced the benefits of Bikram, you’ll see why people become so quickly addicted – it’s like the new designer drug on the island.

With the studio located conveniently in Ibiza Town (right beside the gypsy car parks and temptingly by McDonald’s and Burger King!), classes are held twice a day, excluding Saturdays when the studio is closed. You can simply drop in for one class, at a cost of 15€ or if you plan to stick around, monthly passes are 90€ - which is great value when you do the math!



0 #1 Zoe sheard 2013-08-09 06:57

I will be visiting Ibiza town next week for just over 1 week and I will be visiting your studio.

Please could you give me the exact address and location of your studio and also timetable. Do I need to prebook?

I am ver excited that there is a studio near me, I will be staying at Dalt Villa.

Warmest Regards

Zoe :)

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