Santa Eulalia is Ibiza's third largest in terms of number of inhabitants, is located about 21 km. aeropuero of the Santa Eulalia del Rio is the only river in the Balearics. This is a beautiful city located in a mountainous area with plenty of native vegetation and whose economy is based on farming and tourism.


We find in Santa Eulalia?
Santa Eulalia is an ideal destination for families and people who are looking for tranquility, a matchless beauty promenade that stretches along the beach and escorted by a line of beautiful palm trees bill.
Santa Eulalia has an established reputation as the gastronomic and cultural center. Art galleries, upscale marina, some of the best restaurants on the island, exclusive shops and a neighborhood community that does not close for holidays in the winter months. There are also excellent bars but nightlife has nothing to do with Ibiza or San Antonio.
Santa Eulalia del Rio is named after the church built by the Catalan immediately after the conquest, after the Muslim era. Today, as the saying of his visitors, the city is the richest in Spain.


Santa Eulalia des Riu (in Catalan) is a beautiful city, quiet, relaxed, full of light, color and tradition. Their civil and religious buildings are worthy of an exhaustive in order not to lose detail.
At the top of Puig Mass originated the present town of Santa Eulalia del Rio. The sixteenth century church served as part of the defense system of the island and later the houses were built around it. In one of these historic buildings works today the Ethnological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera.


Another of its tractive cycling routes so that develop along the mountainous area of town, this makes it an ideal place for that in addition to enjoy a unique landscape want to do sports.
Don't forget to visit the church.
Barrau Museum
Enology Museum
Ca teal Museum n'Andreu

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The marina of Santa Eulalia is characterized by a max of exotic and glamorous on the island, that together with their relative DISCRETION make it a special place to have a mooring.

Marina Santa Eulalia

 This is an excellent port of call because of its location, just 15 km from the city of Ibiza.

It has 755 berths for vessels between 6 and 22 meters




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