Sant Francesc D'Estany

All the ancient peoples of Ibiza are configured in parishes, and were built beside the main church. The village of Sant Francesc de s'Estany is practically the only exception, as there are hardly any people, the church alone.

The loneliness of the church surprising given the beauty of the place where it is, but it is understandable when we know its history. The church of Sant Francesc stood next to the salt flats of Ibiza with the intention of being a place of prayer for the workers of salt, one of the toughest jobs that have been practiced on the island.

Perhaps for many go unnoticed, but Sant Francesc de s'Estany is on the road to the beach of Las Salinas and Cavallet, so are hundreds of vehicles that pass this road sees every day. The village consists of a pair of quality restaurants and a few scattered, but the statement deserved Natural Park area prevents a greater number of buildings to enjoy our view.



Since the establishment of the new inhabitants from Ibiza in the late seventeenth century, the church of Sa Tanca Vella was clearly insufficient. In 1726 work began on the new church, which has an absolutely fortified to serve as a refuge for the inhabitants of the island. The church was the only place of refuge until in 1749 he built the tower defense sa s'Espalmador Guardiola, and had guns that ended up being allocated to other new towers.

The baptismal font is an interesting piece of unknown origin that has led to different hypotheses, among which is the possibility that the monastery appropriate that a community of Augustinian monks had in La Mola in the thirteenth century.

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