Sant Vicent

San Vicente was once the most isolated area of Ibiza, to the point of forcing its neighbors to travel by sea to the capital if it wanted to spend whole days traveling. Now, however, is a tourist resort ideal for a family holiday. From its small harbor, boat trips to the island of Tagomago and nearby you can visit the cave is also Culleram.

A short distance away is the tiny village of San Vicente, with its flirty church, which was begun in 1827 and opened in 1838. The main reason that it took 11 years to complete it was that the area had very few inhabitants and very limited resources available. Is rectangular and is characterized by being devoid of decorations. Contains the high altar, six secondary chapels is topped by a simple bell and has the peculiarity that the porch is in front of the temple, as in other parishes, but to the left, in the western part of the ship.

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